Student Suicide

Statistical data:

  1. The suicide crisis in India’s schools is worsening.
  2. In India, one student commits suicide every 55 minutes
  3. In the three years ( 2014 to 2017)  over 26,000 students killed themselves in India, the latest data sent to the ministry of home affairs by all Indian states and union territories shows.
  4. A NIMHANS(national institute of mental health and neurosciences) study underway In which,500 school and college students were studied on suicide prevention has found that 11% of college students and 7%-8% of high school students have attempted suicide.
  5. India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth 15-29 years according to a 2012 Lancet report.

Commonest reasons for children attempting suicide:

It’s unfortunate that India has the highest suicide rate among the youth in this entire world

Majority of the suicides are due to the underlying psychiatric illness (stress, depression, anxiety, substance use)

The major causes of suicides in students are

  1. Difficulty in coping up with the subject due to a disproportion in the physical and mental growth 
  2. Unrealistic expectations from the parents on their children
  3. Lack of support from peers which helps them cope up from their day to day stress levels
  4. Parents making their children fulfil their unfulfilled dreams 
  5. A sense of comparison with other children without realising the capabilities of their own child
  6. Forced career choices
  7. Fear of failure
  8. The general stigma attached to mental distress

Warning signs of suicide that we should look for in children :

  1. The negative view of self
  2. Isolation from family and friends
  3. Self-harm like cutting behaviours
  4. Drastic changes in mood and behaviour ( extreme fear, sadness, irritability)
  5. Giving away favourite things
  6. Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  7. Drug and alcohol use
  8. Engaging in risky behaviours
  9. Showing less interest in activities they previously enjoyed

Some preventive methods parents and teachers should follow:

  1. Parental connect
  2. Closeness to caring friends
  3. Awareness of access to mental health services
  4. Support from peers which can act as stress busters
  5. Engaging in physical activity
  6. Mental health awareness to be made a compulsory subject for every student

It’s very important to identify the illness at an early stage and consult a psychiatrist as it can be a life saving measure for these young minds

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