Student Suicide

Statistical data: The suicide crisis in India’s schools is worsening. In India, one student commits suicide every 55 minutes In the three years ( 2014 to 2017)  over 26,000 students killed themselves in India, the latest data sent to the ministry of home affairs by all Indian states and union territories shows. A NIMHANS(national institute of mental health and neurosciences) […]

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Social Media Addiction – How we connected to disconnect!

I’m an addict. I just get lost in Facebook” replied a young mother aged 31 yrs when asked why she does not see herself able to help her daughter with her homework. Instead of supporting her child, she spends her time chatting and browsing the social networking site This case, while extreme, is suggestive of […]

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Depression: it’s a word we use a lot, but what exactly is it?

Depression is a serious disorder marked by disturbances in mood, cognition, physiology and social functioning. People can experience deep sadness and feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, emptiness and despair. These core features of depression have expanded to include an inability to experience pleasure, sluggish movements, changes in sleep and eating behaviour, difficulty concentrating and suicidal thoughts. […]

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